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Couple Workout Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner, so why not do something interesting for a change as a couple. Everyone knows of the numerous health benefits of exercising so instead of going out on a usual dinner or movie date with your partner, why not clock in a couple workout together! So here’s a list of 5 exercises to do with your partner, these exercises target the entire body to ensure that you will have a fun and wholesome workout!

5 Couple Workout Exercises to Do with Your Partner

1 . Push-up Burpee Clap

  • Perform a Burpee by lowering your hands to the ground and jump your feet backwards into a push-up position

  • Perform a regular push up (or knee on the floor variation) and jump your feet forward to a squatting position

  • As you rise up, swing your arms and jump in the air and clap your partner’s hands

*Things to take note

  • When performing the push-up, ensure that your core is engaged and back is flat throughout the movement

  • When performing the jump, be sure to bend your knees and swing your arms to generate more power to jump

  • As you land, be sure to land on the balls of your feet and to bend your knees again to cushion the impact

2. Superman Row Clap

  • Lie on your abdomen in a prone position facing your partner and with elbows bending 90 degrees

  • Raise your head, upper back and legs off the ground

  • Pull back your arms until around your shoulders and contract your upper back muscles

  • Extend the arms straight clap your partner hands then lower your head, upper back and legs to return back to the original position

*Things to take note

  • Keep the abdominal muscles tight and engaged to prevent overarching of your back

  • Ensure head is aligned with your spine

3. Plank Hold Bench Hop

  • Partner A: Stay in the top position of a push-up and engage your core to maintain stability as your partner hops over you

  • Partner B: Place both hands on your partner’s upper back and shift some weight on your partner’s upper back before hopping over your partner‘s hips area

  • Switch over roles afterwards

*Things to take note

  • During the push-up plank position, ensure that your back is flat to prevent unwanted strain on the back

  • When doing the bench hop, be sure to tuck your legs towards your chest to prevent from hitting your partner

  • When landing from the hop, be sure to bend your knees to reduce the impact of the hop

4. Duck Walk (Forward)

  • To Perform a duck walk: lower yourself to the bottom of a full squat position and stay in that position

  • Try to synchronize together with your partner to walk in the same step while at the bottom of a full squat position for additional fun and challenge.

*Things to take note

  • When performing the duck walk, be sure to keep your back flat to reduce unwanted strain on the spine

5. Squat Hop (Backward)

  • To perform a squat hop, start by squatting down, then swing your arms forwards and hop backwards and stand back up.

  • Try to synchronize together with your partner to squat and hop backwards together for additional fun and challenge.

*Things to take note

  • Ensure that you bend your knees during the landing of the squat hops

Perform these 4 exercises for a total of 15 repetitions each and with no rest in between each exercise for a total of 3 sets. Try this workout with your partner this Valentine's Day and get your muscles burning and heart pumping.

Benefits of Exercising together: Testimonial by Maxi & Liz

There are many potential benefits of exercising together as a couple. For instance, you remain accountable to one another, ensuring that you get the workout done instead of hitting the snooze button. Also, whenever we exercise, endorphins are being released which makes us feel happy as well ! Furthermore, when training together, you would also be able to push and motivate each other which creates positivity to bond over. According to Psychology Today, by working out together with your partner, by performing the same exercise at the same pace, this creates a nonverbal matching which helps couples feel emotionally attuned with each other. Lastly, when you workout together with your partner regularly, you establish a common goal and respect that exercising is important, for yourself as well as your relationship !

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