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FITLUC Flagship Gym Weights Area- About FITLUC


Your Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Here

Getting Here

Where is the gym located and the nearest MRT station?

Our 3-storey flagship boutique gym is located at 21A Keong Saik Road (S089128). It is a short 3-5 mins walk from Outram Park MRT or Maxwell MRT. Take the stairs up on the left of Cure Restaurant.

We have recently opened our 2nd outlet at 82 Boat Quay, #03-01, (S049870), right in the heart of CBD! It is within 5-7 minutes walking distance from Clarke Quay MRT, Raffles Place MRT or City Hall MRT.

If I'm driving, where can I park?

For FITLUC Keong Saik, you can park along Keong Saik Road (K0008), Bukit Pasah Road (B0018), Teo Hong Road (T0010) or New Bridge Road (T0144). Alternatively, you can park at Dorsett Hotel too.

For FITLUC Boat Quay, you can park at the carparks along Upp Circular Road (U0002), (C1033), (C0018), Lorong Telok (L0009), Carpenter Street (C0004), Hong Kong Street (H0012). Alternatively, you can park at The Riverwalk, Clarke Quay Central or UOB Plaza.

Trials and Packages

What can I expect during the trial session?

Your trial session will be like an actual workout session, so do come in some comfortable workout wear! It will take about 1.5 hours.


After giving you a tour of the gym, our trainer will use the next 15 minutes to get to know you better, such as knowing your goals, exercise history, past injuries, diet and more. You will also have access to a free InBody Analysis by our InBody Machine, where you can find out your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and more! Your trainer will then customise a program for you and take you through a workout session. During the workout, our trainers will assess your foundations and fitness level accordingly. 


After which, if you are fond of FITLUC's method and your trainer's training style together with the program that he/she has planned for you, you can decide if you would like to take up a Personal Training package with us. No obligations! :) 

You can watch this short video to find out more! 

Do you have a free trial?

For 1-1 Personal Training, it costs $50 for the trial session, while for 1-2 Personal Training, it costs $90. Both are only valid for first-timers and will last 1.5 hours. Aside from trying out the different equipment in the gym, you will get the full experience of how our usual training sessions are like with our trainers.


Sign up here for your first trial session with one of our Celebrity Personal Trainers!

Can I share a package with my friend? 

Sharing is not allowed but if you’d like to come down with a partner, we do offer buddy packages for you and your friend to train together in a session.


However, this is only recommended if both of you have similar fitness goals and fitness levels. Most importantly, it is important for both of you to have similar schedules.  


Alternatively, both of you can train with 2 trainers separately, but at the same time for motivational support. In this way, training sessions can be more effective in reaching each of your personal goals as specific programmes will be customised accordingly.

Trials and Packages

Our PT Ming Tao with Charlene and YJ

What should I bring for my first session?

Do come in comfortable workout attire to get ready for a great workout! 

We do sell drinks if you need, or we do have a water cooler available for you to fill your bottles.




Our FITLUC Trainers

Why should I choose FITLUC trainers?

We have worked with clients aged 13 – 84, from Celebrities like Hong Hui Fang, Lee Teng, Royce Lee, Felicia Chin, Tay Ying, Hazelle Teo and more to CEOs, working professionals and homemakers, with goals ranging from fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain to athletic performance and elderly training and we are honoured to be recognized as one of the Top 12 Best PT in Singapore and also featured on Mothership, The Straits Times, YES 93.3FM, Honeycombers, Yahoo News and more! 


FITLUC Trainers are all certified Personal Trainers with proven client results so you are definitely in good hands!

Do I have to stick to 1 trainer throughout my package?

Yes, majority of the times, our clients will stick to one trainer as he/she will have a better understanding of your fitness goals to customise your program. 

Am I allowed to choose my trainer?

It depends on the trainer’s availability for the trial. However, we will take into account your past injuries and exercise history to allocate a trainer that is best suited for your fitness journey. 

Am I allowed to change trainers? 

Unless there are circumstances that suggest the need for a change, your trainer will be indefinitely as he/she would have a better understanding of your goals and progress.



Is there an age limit for Personal Training?

We welcome individuals from all ages, hence there isn’t a minimum age to take up personal training.


For those below 16 years old, you are required to get consent from a parent or guardian.


As we are also experienced in training older clients, we have developed a robust training programme customisable to suit older clients’ training needs (i.e. mobility training and muscle strengthening)

Do click here to find out what some of our elderly clients have to say! 

Fun fact: Our oldest client is 84 years old!!

Our Director, Lucas, with one of our elderly clients, Dr Anamah

I have pre-existing medical conditions. Am I still able to train?

Yes! That is why Personal Training is important for you. We provide a customised training programme based on your physical capabilities / restrictions. Our trainers will tailor the exercises to help you throughout your recovery process.

Can I train at both locations? 

Unfortunately no, as you will be attached to a Personal Trainer who is fixed at a specific outlet. However, you are able to choose the outlet that you’d have both your trial and package at.

Can I train before/after opening hours of the gym?

Yes, you are allowed to train as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 9 p.m., as long as you are able to schedule a suitable timing with your Personal Trainer.



When is the latest I can schedule my trial?

Your trial session will be like an actual workout session, so do come in some comfortable workout wear! 


The latest date to schedule your trial would be 30 days from the date of purchase. e.g. if you paid on 1st Aug, the last date that your trial can be scheduled is 31st Aug. 

After which, if you are fond of FITLUC's method and your trainer's training style together with the program that he/she has planned for you, you can decide if you would like to take up a Personal Training package with us. No obligations! :) 

Can I cancel or reschedule my session when needed?

The latest to cancel or reschedule would be 6 hours before your session. However we do encourage you to reschedule as early as possible to make time for other clients if needed. 


Rescheduling less than 6 hours without a valid reason before the session will incur a cancellation fee.



Are there shower facilities?

Yes, we have well maintained and clean shower facilities available at both of our outlets.

Do bring along your own towel as we only provide shampoo, shower gel and hair dryer. 

Regularly maintained washrooms at our Keong Saik outlet

Can I use the gym facilities without my Personal Trainer around?

We are a PT exclusive gym hence we do not allow regular gym usage without our trainer's guidance as we want to keep our gym private & conducive for our PT clients.

However, clients are allowed to clock extra workout or cardio before or after their PT session itself. From our clients' experiences, usually our 1 hour Personal Training session is more than enough as our trainers will customise a comprehensive programme to make training effective, efficient and enjoyable!


Will I need to track my meals?

It is not compulsory. However, our trainers will advise you on your diet and you can send photos of your meals to them so that they can recommend healthier alternatives or suitable portion sizes to attain your goals.

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