Online Personal Training (Online PT)

Online PT

Personal Training through Video Call

Too busy to head down to our gym?

Only want to workout from home?

Here are 2 alternative Stay-Home PT Options for you:


1-on-1 Live Online Personal Training

During your Online PT Sessions, our certified trainers will provide:


Fitness Assessment

Goal Setting


1-to-1 Live Demo of



Correction & Refinement of Form & Functions


Nutrition Advice

& Meal Plans


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Plans & Bundles

3-month plans, billed monthly

Other Online Plans & Bundles

T&C of Online Plans & Packages

*You will be automatically charged for Monthly Plans each month for validity period committed.

^Online Coaching sessions for monthly payment plans are only valid for each billing month. Unused sessions cannot be carried forward to subsequent months.


Lucas working out in the gym

Need some guidance on your workout but can't make it down physically to our gym?


Get access to our Premium Fitness Video Guides or book Online Fitness Coaching sessions with our Personal Trainers conducted through video calls.


During online coaching sessions, our certified trainers will provide:

  • Fitness assessment and goal setting

  • 1-to-1 LIVE personalised demonstrations of exercises tailored for you to follow

  • Correction & Refinement of Form and Foundations

  • Nutritional advice and meal plans to help you achieve your fitness goals 

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