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Travel Fit!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Life is full of choices. Holidays are usually associated with indulging, relaxing, eating, drinking and basically all the chill stuff. What if.. we do the exact opposite?

The playfulness we have as a kid coupled with exciting energy filled events as a teen, that feeling is so distant yet deep down, we want to relive it as adults!

"I'm an avid traveller who loves to travel to cold countries and just be a bum. But I always need to gym and workout so that I can train and eat my holiday food with a carefree mind!" Nowadays, I am seeking for adventure packed holidays that will give me new experiences with lots of fun and laughter. Through this I actually realised I distress and relax so much more!" Lucas, Founder of FITLUC

Hotel room exercises

1. Fitness as a Lifestyle

Our bodies are made to move! Regardless of whether it is sports, a gym routine or even a nice stroll at the park with some friends, staying active is important! I mean, who can disagree that exercise is bad for us?

2. Make new friends & forge new bonds

I've made so many friends through travel experiences worldwide. I cherish relationships with people and enjoy engaging in quality conversations and experiences together! Activities such as sports are perfect to foster team building and bonding.

They say you don't need to know someone for very long to be a good friend, it's true! Sometimes you find someone of the same interest and matching personalities and boom, everything just clicks together:)

Travelling with friends
Travel fit with friends

3. Create experiences that you will cherish for a longtime.

I'm been on to trips that are simply amazing! From enjoying the biggest man made lagoon in the world in Bintan, to glacier hiking in Iceland to ATV in Johor Bahru's forest.

Travelling with friends
Travelling with friends

4. You only have one body, take care of it

I plan where I stay depending on where the gym is at! Sometimes I stay in hotels. Other times I stay in air bnb that has a gym nearby! There's always a way to keep training and keep my regime going regardless of which part of the world I am at!

Gym shot

Gym shot

Excited to announce that in collaboration with Royal Wings Travel, we will be having our first edition of our Travel Fit series to Batam this 4th-5th April 2020. Sign up here! For more info, you can call +65 66591058 Book your slot fast!



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