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10 Variations Of Burpees

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

A full body exercise is used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise. It is super functional too. Here are 5 reasons why burpees are so popular. 1)They burn lots of calories As it is a highly intense exercise, it engages your whole body and essential turn it into a fat burning furnace.

2)They engage your whole body With every repetition, your arms,chest,quadriceps,glutes,hamstrings and core and fired up to perform the movement. 3)They're portable with no equipment required You can literally perform burpees anywhere that has even flooring. You can do it at your house, a random park or even in your hotel room. 4)They are a good crossfit add on Fast paced and dynamic. They can be implemented easily into any fat/weight loss programme to keep heart rate up or be used as a finisher to exhaust their muscles and wrap up the workout. 5)They are tons of variations to challenge any specific isolation programme. If you are training back, you can perform the pull up burpee If you are training core, you can perform the mountain climbers burpee If you are training chest, you can perform the push up burpee


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