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Train at our Flagship Gym with our Celebrity Personal Trainers.

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Due to enhanced COVID-19 restrictions announced by the government, FITLUC has implemented Vaccinated-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) starting 10th Aug 2021 in accordance to government safety measures.

Implementing Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) at FITLUC

  • Vaccination status will be checked and recorded electronically and identified via stickers

  • Clients/ Visitors who do not have their vaccination status verified will be denied entry.

  • Fully Vaccinated clients (2 weeks after 2nd dose of vaccination) will be allowed to do Indoor PT using FITLUC's indoor gym equipment. 

  • Non Vaccinated clients will do Outdoor PT using FITLUC's outdoor gym equipments or bodyweight exercises at our designated indoor space.

Personal Training will be kept at a high quality in a safe and cosy environment. Our trainers are dedicated to keep training fun and effective. Fitness as a lifestyle!


At FITLUC, we specialise in personal training, fitness experiences and corporate fitness classes. 


Our FITLUC formula stems from the belief that training not only has to be effective but also functional and fun.

We have been working with clients aged 13 – 84, from Celebrities like Maxi Lim, Royce Lee, Tay Ying, Hazelle Teo, Lee Teng and more to CEOs, working professionals and homemakers, with goals ranging from fat loss, weight loss, muscle gain to athletic performance and elderly training and we are looking forward to help you kick start your fitness journey too!

3 modes of PT.

Tailored for your lifestyle.

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