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Guang Liang

Street Dance Fitness

“I joined FITLUC a few months ago with the goal of improving my performance in dance. As a dancer, not only do I require stamina to last through the entire dance item, but I would also need to have muscle and strength to execute the different dance moves.

Besides physical strength, Ming Tao had also provided stretching advices for me improve on my flexibility. This greatly reduces possible injuries that could occur during dance. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Ming Tao as he understands my goals and caters the sessions according to them! Ming Tao has always been available to provide advice and suggestions whenever I have any doubts and clarifications.

Over the past few months, I have definitely noticed a difference in my dance performance after training consistently with Ming Tao, and I really thank him for that! Not only does Ming Tao makes the sessions enjoyable and fun, he would also switch things up so that the sessions do not get boring.

I also appreciate the close-knitted community and the friendly people at FITLUC! They will always make the effort to greet you at the door whenever I enter and leave the gym.

To anyone is looking for a Personal Training who can customize the programs according to your specific needs, do check out FITLUC and their trainers will be more than happy to help you!"

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