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Personal Training Service - Weight Loss Programme


Weight Loss Programme

Programme for those who wish to shed those extra pounds safely and effectively

This programme is suitable for anyone looking to shed those extra pounds safely and effectively. A wide range of exercises, such as HIIT, full body exercise and proper dieting, will be included. We emphasise in designing a customised program that not only helps you to reach your ideal weight, but we take a holistic approach which involves you making small but effective changes to your lifestyle. In this way, your everyday life will not be affected, and you can still go for lunch dates with your friends and loved one while staying in shape! To avoid the yo-yo effect whereby one will gain back lost weight rapidly, our trainers will help you develop sustainable fitness habits which will be a mainstay for the rest of your life.

Detailed tracking of your body measurements will be done via our Body Health and Composition Analyser. We will be able to progressively track your lean muscles relative to fat percentage using this sophisticated device. Progress photos will also be taken, with checkpoints set throughout your journey with us to ensure that you are on the right track.

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