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Personal Training Service - Strength & Conditioning


Strength & Conditioning

Explore complex movements to crank up your workout intensity

Strength training is an important pillar of fitness because it builds a foundation that allows us to effectively execute complex movements such as bench press, deadlifts, barbell squats, clean and jerk. As the amount of weight we lift is about 80% of our 1RM (Rep Max: Heaviest weight one can lift for 1 repetition), there is a higher tendency to get injured when you are hitting the extra rep. With the right technique, the lift can be executed more efficiently and allows you to recruit more motor units, thus developing the neural and muscular strength as well. Our personal trainers will be able to help curate the best workout plan by helping you make that decision, and remind you of proper cues that will ensure not only your safety, but also your training intensity.

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