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Personal Training Service - Sport Specific Training


Sport Specific Training

Customised programme that enhances your athletic performance

Foundation is key and unique to every sport. In order to excel, our body needs to be conditioned in a specific way to ensure that proper motor skills, movement patterns are executed well. It is important to start young to not only establish a solid foundation, but to also inculcate good habits. A customised strength and conditioning programme will be used to enhance your athletic performance. This includes a combination of different exercises to simulate the common movements you will use in your sport.

Shoulder, knee and back pain are actually commonly seen in young children due to overwork of injury. This is because most coaches want to improve technical skills but they tend to neglect the importance of having the correct form. Additionally, most young children nowadays participate in multiple sports extracurricular, hence they lack proper stretching and recovery time. Our dedicated trainers will teach them proper warm up and cool down techniques to ensure that their muscles are ready for the intensity.

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