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Weight Loss Programme

"I wanted to learn the correct way to lift weights as well as become physically stronger, so I decided to join FITLUC.

Ming Tao has been excellent so far, he’s been so patient and encouraging. He taught me the different technicalities and form during the execution of exercises. He gave me lots of tips on working out outside of gym, giving me many options to keep up with my fitness journey.

Lucas and the rest are also so warm and welcoming. I love the atmosphere of FITLUC, they have great facilities and equipment to provide you with an all-rounded coaching experience.

Personal Training have helped me phenomenally, I can now lift my own bodyweight, my stamina has been improved and I can definitely lift weights with the correct form!

For those who are interested in starting their fitness journey, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with FITLUC!" - Parkhi

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