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Louis Kwek

Post-Rehab Training

"I've been training with FITLUC for about three years now. Lucas has always been patient and helpful when training me, he has never failed to motivate and push me past my limits. There is a purpose in every exercise he makes me do, his explanations for every exercise are also very detailed. Being part of the FITLUC fam has made me fitter and stronger, I'm glad to be part of it." 🏋️

Louis is a very hardworking and focused individual. He puts his heart and soul into every PT session. He never fails to clock in his workout sessions with us. We've been through a lot with him, from muscle building to fat loss and to injury rehab. After the past two years of training, we have found a balance between all these in our training with him. Currently, we are working on improving his functionality and we are stoked about his current progress. Keep it going, Louis! 🔥

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