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Leo Nardo

Weight Loss Programme

"Signed up for 20 sessions initially, decided to upgrade for the maximum 60 sessions even before halfway through the program with PT Brandon Choo. The gym is private, clean, spacious, well-equipped, and nicely maintained.

Having trained with couple of other trainers previously in other gyms (chain and boutique), I could wholeheartedly say that no other trainers made me look forward to training days as much as Brandon does. As a CrossFit and NCSF Certified Trainer, Brandon incorporates CrossFit elements into my training regimes, keeping my training sessions challenging yet manageable and interesting to keep me coming back for more.

Equipped with a degree in Sports Science & Management from NTU, Brandon (Choo) understands injuries and finds ways to work around them to ensure exercises are safe and effective in training different muscle groups. He also focuses on a holistic training program. Instead of a strict diet program, Brandon constantly motivates me to maintain discipline and inspire change from within to have a healthier lifestyle.

Progress is constantly tracked, training regimes are openly shared, proper techniques are well-explained and tips to train better are freely given (unlike many other places who rather focus on withholding some infos for business reasons). With a safe and comfortable environment to train in, and well-experienced trainer to train with, Fitluc and Brandon Choo come highly recommended!" - Leo

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