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Strength & Conditioning

"Prior to FITLUC, I have been doing my own workouts, be it Youtube workouts, running or even using some of those random machines at the gym. Even though I have been working out regularly, I realised that it was not giving me the results that I wanted, which is to be stronger, fitter and toner. That’s when I decided to sign up for personal training at FITLUC back in 2021.

Training with Brandon Choo has been pretty awesome thus far. He tailors the training such that my workouts can be effective, safe and fun at the same time. He is always there to motivate and to push me to do my best, or even better. Brandon Choo also gives specific cues to ensure good form and posture while exercising, which is extremely important and helpful.

I definitely look forward to my workout sessions at FITLUC each week!" - Jolene

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