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Jia Hwei

Weight Loss Programme

“I joint FITLUC in January as part of the online training, and then I moved to the physical trainung.

My goal to attend FITLUC training sessions is to lose weight, be leaner, and stronger. The sessions at FITLUC has been nothing but awesome. Every time I leave the gym, I feel very accomplished.

JJ has been very patient in explaining to me what muscle groups we are doing. He has also been very supportive of my running journey.

JJ always corrects my posture to prevent any injuries, especially when I have past injuries. This helped me to improve my strength and stamina progressively.

I like that FITLUC is near the MRT, the gym is also very well equipped.

If you think that you are small in size and do not have enough strength to do your strength training, or have previous injuries, engaging a Personal Trainer at FITLUC is the way to go.“

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