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Strength & Conditioning

“I’ve been with FITLUC for the past 7 months. My main goal is to be stronger, build more muscle and have a bigger frame.

My experience so far has been really good.

FITLUC is a rather cosy set up, and the main thing that makes the difference are the people. Everyone, the staff, they make me feel really welcomed and interested.

Before coming to FITLUC, I had been training by myself for quite a while, then I found that my progress plateaued. So I left everything in the hands of Ming Tao. That’s when I felt when we could take things forward, and even higher.

I enjoy the sessions as he switches things around. I have some existing medical conditions as well, and he had managed to work around them to make sure that training still stays effective.

Ming Tao has been great!”

Ming Tao agrees off cam.

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