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8 Healthy Eateries Recommendations around FITLUC

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Healthy Eateries recommendations around FITLUC gym recommended by our personal trainers
Post-workout should always be accompanied with the suitable dietary consumption that aligns with your fitness goals. Be it weight loss, muscle growth or healthy living, replenishing yourself after a fruitful workout should not be compromised. Check out some healthy eateries around FITLUC that are highly recommended by our personal trainers. These healthy eats will complement your fitness goals and taste super yummy too! Trust me, you will be spoilt for choice after reading this blog post!

1. Gentle Bros Cafe

High protein healthy DIY meal at Gentle Bros Cafe

Tucked in the corner of Cross Street Exchange, Gentle Bros Café caters specially for the health junkies. The café is popular for its scrumptious and nutritious meals, using the healthiest cooking methods, fresh produce, and minimally processed ingredients for both their food and beverages.

Their DIY Healthy Meal is highly raved, where customers get to choose their proteins and supplements amidst their wide variety of choices. Everything on the menu is made-to-order, so you can expect your orders to be freshly made all the time.

Our trainer Brandon Na chose the DIY Healthy Bowl comprising of Poached Chicken Breast, Avocado (+$1), Scrambled Eggs (+$2) and Roasted Baby Potatoes, as well as the Mixed Berries Smoothie. With 42g of protein from the chicken breast alone, this combination is definitely one of those post workout meals recommended out there. The serving size is generous and to top that off, the smoothie will keep you full (and fuelled) throughout the day.

Gentle Bros Café:

18 Cross Street, Cross Street Exchange, #01-111, Singapore 048423

2. The Social Space

Healthy and hearty smoothie bowls at The Social Space

Not your ordinary café, The Social Space is a socially conscious multi-concept store that promotes not just awareness to sustainability, but also gives individuals who face a higher barrier to employment an opportunity to equip themselves with skillsets for self-sufficiency in the long run. The Social Space also offers a variety of clean eating options, with a large portion being vegetarian-friendly.

The smoothie bowls are great alternatives for those who love to indulge in fruits and nuts in their diet. All the ingredients used are fresh and generously served. Fruits contain vitamins and minerals that are needed in our daily life, whereas nuts are extremely nutritious and contain healthy unsaturated fats that can help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides levels. Nuts are also high in dietary fibre which helps to make you fuller after a meal, which reduces the likelihood of overeating.

Recommended smoothie bowl orders are the Tough Nut and Pink Flamingo. Both of which are the most value for money (S$12) and definitely the healthiest with their choice of ingredients such as soy milk and fresh fruits! For those with a light palette but wish to get a hearty meal before or after a workout session, this is definitely a great place to visit.

The Social Space:

333 Kreta Ayer Rd, #01-14, Singapore 080333

3. Afterglow by Anglow

Nutritious plant-based food for Vegetarians at Afterglow

Highly raved for their plant-based menu, Afterglow abstains from any animal or animal products, gluten, preservatives, refined sugar, and artificial flavouring in the making of their meals. Everything on the menu is made to order which guarantees freshness.

If you are wondering how healthy the food is, you can order a full-blown main dish with sauce on the side and a dessert afterwards and not feel guilty at all! Highly recommended for individuals who wishes to explore the likes of plant-based products and vegans alike to experience and rejuvenate themselves post workout.


24 Keong Saik Road #01-01, Singapore 089131

4. Hvala @ Craig Road

Teas that helps with cleansing and detoxing at Hvala

Looking for a place for conversations and tea? Look no further as Hvala provides that platform for likeminded individuals to wind down and sip some tea (and coffee), which are all notably quality choices directly obtained from Japan.

Their selection of choice tea has various positive attributes which aid detoxing and cleansing. It is no surprise to see workout enthusiasts visiting their outlets to cool off after a heated workout session, enjoying the therapeutic taste and unique aroma of each blend of tea.

Recommended tea to try would be their oolong series and green tea series which have been scientifically proven to contain attributes that lower the risk of heart diseases, fat loss and many more!

Hvala @ Craig Road:

40 Craig Rd, Singapore 089678

5. Maxwell Food Centre Juice Stall

Stay fuelled with fruit juices from Maxwell Juice Stall

Pitting different juice stalls from various nearby food centres such as Maxwell Food Centre, Tanjong Pagar Food Centre, and Chinatown Complex, we have concluded that this particular stall tucked in Maxwell Food Centre was the one most value for money and most importantly, nutritious.

Apart from your typical fruit juices, they offer a wide variety of juice combinations that most juice stalls do not offer. Juices here are all 100% purely fruits without any added sugar or sweeteners. It is worth mentioning that their juice combinations have that thick consistency similar to smoothies.

How do we incorporate juices like this into our diet? Well, juices can actually be taken before or after your workout! When taken pre-workout, fruit juice provides quick absorption of carbohydrates to the body to fuel a workout session. While if taken post workout, muscle glycogen stored in our body have been depleted after a workout, hence fruit juices act as a great way to replenish your body’s energy. Hydration is crucial as it influences the performance of the workout by assisting the heart in pumping blood to the muscles, giving them the nutrients they require. Therefore, the high water content in juices helps to adequately hydrate our body and also acts as an energy source.

We recommend juices such as banana juice, strawberry and banana juice, carrot and orange juice, and apple, beetroot and carrot juice as the top few to try out that has the most nutrients that can be converted to energy! Also to take note, not all fruit juices are healthy due to the excessive sugar in some fruits, so do take note!!!

Maxwell Food Centre Juice Stall:

1 Kadayanallur St, Singapore 069184

6. Ang Choon Siang Coffee Shop Chicken Rice Stall

High calories meal at Ang Choon Siang Coffee Shop Chicken Rice Stall

It is commonly known that chicken rice is high in calories (about 618 calories), partly due to the rice. With steamed chicken breast having an estimated 30g protein/100g of meat, we can see why many bodybuilders and workout enthusiast still frequent the stall because the pros outweigh the cons.

Reason being the high protein of the chicken will help rebuild damaged muscle fibres while the carbohydrate content of the rice will replace muscle glycogen levels and refuel, which is perfect for a post-workout meal while staying budget friendly.

The recommended (and usual order) for a healthier chicken rice option that maximises your protein gains would be white rice, steamed chicken breast without skin, no chilli nor dark sauce. You can also top it off with an egg as well for the added protein! This lessens the guilt and while staying at the top with the protein intake.

Ang Choon Siang Chicken Rice Stall:

122 Neil Rd, Singapore 088856

7. Tanjong Pagar Market Salad Corner

Well-balanced meal at The Salad Corner

The Salad Corner offers not just DIY salad bowls, but also sandwiches and soup in their menu.

They have a wide selection of ingredients and are very generous with their portions, and most importantly, you can eat clean without breaking your budget! There are so many ingredients to choose from you will have difficulty limiting yourself based on the bowl size you purchase!

Their DIY salad bowl have a balanced protein to carbs ratio, which aids muscle recovery and keep you fuelled throughout the day, making it an optimal choice for a post workout meal! The top two protein recommendations are chicken breast meat and salmon slices. As for vegetarian friends out there, fret not, as they also have tofu which is a great replacement for the meat counterparts!

The Salad Corner @ Tanjong Pagar Plaza:

1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-04, Singapore 082001

8. Keong Saik Bakery

Pastries which are not as unhealthy as you think at Keong Saik Bakery

Keong Saik Bakery is one of few contemporary bakeries that invokes traditional nostalgia taste in Singapore. Situated a stone’s throw from FITLUC, most of our clients and trainers frequent the bakery to grab a quick breakfast or a snack in after their workout session.

Common ideology of pastries being unhealthy is often not true. When eaten in moderation, it is worth the try as not all pastries are high in fat. As the bakes are freshly made on a daily basis, there are no added perseverative and unhealthy fats which are commonly found in packaged versions.

Pastries and bakes can be consumed as a treat especially after working out and you wish to have something light, indulgent and convenient! In fact, a timely refeed cheat meal can provide psychological fulfillments during a diet phase. Psychological factors play a part in keeping our mental mindset focused when it comes to our eating habits. Also, an occasional increase in caloric intake from time to time may help to boost our metabolism as well, especially after a prolonged caloric deficit.

Recommended healthier choices would be their croissants (especially the plain and ham & cheese croissants), ABC Danish and of course their signature, Sor Hei!

(PSA: Flash your FITLUCFam Membership Card during payment and enjoy 10% discount total bill at Keong Saik Bakery!!)

Keong Saik Bakery:

33 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089140

For more food recommendations that incorporates your fitness goals and nutritional needs, do watch this space for more food recommendations that complement your fitness goals and nutritional needs! Our Celebrity Fitness Trainers at FITLUC will be more than happy to share their food recommendations with you and customise the dietary allowance to help you #GetThatFITLook!!! So what are you waiting for? Drop us a WhatsApp message at +65 8812 0110 or book a Personal Training trial with one of our dedicated trainers to explore if personal training is the best choice for you!

Just a heads-up, it will probably be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Co-edited by: Jasper J.



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