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4 Outdoor Exercise Locations to Check Out Near FITLUC Gym

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Outdoor exercise locations near FITLUC recommended by our personal trainers
Keong Saik, Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown, and Outram Park. The first thing that pops to mind when these places in Singapore are mentioned would be cafes and delicious food. But did you know there are a bunch of great outdoor training grounds to #GetThatFITLook? Other than our flagship indoor gym, these are some of our personal trainers' favourite spots to work out a sweat. Tag along as we show you the cool workout spots near FITLUC!
kreta ayer fitness corner near chinatown complex and the social space

1. Kreta Ayer Fitness Corner

Within a short walk from FITLUC, this simple fitness corner tucked into the corner of Kreta Ayer Road will assist you in building coordination. These exercise machines may not look very sophisticated, but they can help you boost your mind-muscle connection! Using the turntables, you can practice coordination by moving in alternating directions. The benches can double up as a support to perform body-weight dips. Furthermore, The Social Space is right behind for a post-workout refuel!

Kreta Ayer Fitness Corner

scenic rooftop basketball court with fitness corner at chinatown hawker centre near chinatown Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

2. Chinatown Hawker Centre Fitness Corner

Taking a farther stroll deeper towards Chinatown, the Chinatown Hawker Centre has a scenic rooftop featuring a basketball court, a tennis court, and of course, a workout area. This fitness corner is excellent for you to train your muscular strength and target specific muscle groups.

mobility and strength training machines at rooftop fitness corner

Beef up your chest muscles by doing dips on the parallel bars, seated chest press, and push-ups. To target your upper and lower chest, use the benches for incline and declined positions respectively.

pull up bar, dips bar, monkey bars, and situp stations at chinatown hawker centre fitness corner

Now to work on your lats to get that nice large V-shape on your back, the pull-up bars and body-weighted lat pulldown activate the latissimus dorsi muscles when done with proper form.

To complete the Baywatch body, hit the abs through core exercises. The parallel bars and pullup bars are excellent to execute different variations of leg raises. Simple and easy sit-ups could be done on the sit-up bench.

BONUS: Re-live your childhood days and engage your core and arms by going back and forth on the monkey bars!

Chinatown Hawker Centre Fitness Corner

Located at: Level 3, 335 Smith St, Singapore 050335

shiny new fitness corner at duxton nearby tanjong pagar

3. Duxton Fitness Corner

On the opposite end of Chinatown, take a 5 minutes walk and you’ll reach the sleek exercise grounds of Duxton! Other than the aforementioned exercises, Duxton has its own unique quirks. On the logs machine, many different muscle groups can be targeted from workout variations. The chest, shoulders, and triceps, can be trained by doing land mine press, shoulder press, and triceps extensions.

monkey bar, balancing beams, heavy logs for many exercises at duxton fitness corner

Right around the corner is another area with machines aimed to help improve your dexterity!

mobility machines at dutxon fitness center nearby tanjong pagar

As this fitness corner is home to many residents and employees of Duxton, it is usually crowded after office hours. Check out the other fitness grounds we have recommended if you're not a fan of crowds!

Duxton Fitness Corner

Located at: Duxton Plain Park

open grass patch with ping pong table at tanjong pagar fitness corner

4. Tanjong Pagar Fitness Corner

Cross the street from Duxton and you’ll land yourself at the entrance of greenery to the Tanjong Pagar Fitness Corner!

Bring along a filled water bottle and some resistance bands and you’re all set for metabolic circuits and HIIT! Burpees, sprints, lunges, and squats are some of our recommended exercises to try at this luscious grass patch. Reconnect with nature and relax on the luscious grass patch after a drilling session!

Following the trail down, more atypical machines can be spotted. These machines are tagged along with a simple operating guide. However, always ensure the correct form is used to prevent any injuries. Be sure to do some dynamic stretches to prepare your muscles for action!

hydrolic machines to safely perform body weight exercises

mobility machines to hone your dexterity and stretch our your muscles

Venturing deeper into the site, more machines can be spotted. The typical tools mentioned at the previous sites are available here too for the same workouts. The site still remains exemplary with uncommon equipment. If you’re an army boy or ever wondered what Singaporean sons will/have gone through, give a shot at the low rope!

body weight inclined bench press, low rope, pull up bars, and monkey bars to hit body weight exercises

Lastly, finish off your workout with a slow jog around the 150m track!

green track with 150 metres marking for a run

The Tanjong Pagar Fitness Corner located at Yan Kit Road is without a doubt our favourite exercise grounds in the vicinity of FITLUC. The myriad of machines that can be utilised interchangeably to best suit the workout you are going for is something that is not readily available at most places. Hit a great workout, sweat it out, and relax on the soft natural grass patch.

Tanjong Pagar Fitness Corner


If you’re ever in the area, check out these places for a workout and visit our favourite post-workout refuel spots! However, always remember to use the correct form when exercising to prevent any injuries. When unsure about executing the proper technique, our trainers’ at FITLUC are always ready to teach you, no matter the workout environment. Our trainers are always within reach for house call personal training, online training, or even at your favourite fitness corner. Alternatively, if you are looking for more sophisticated equipment in a nice cosy and clean environment, feel free to check out our flagship gym along Keong Saik Road! Embrace the great outdoors, improve your muscular strength, hone your fine motor skills, and get that fit look!

Drop us a WhatsApp message at +65 8812 0110 or book a personal training trial with one of our dedicated trainers to explore if personal training is the best choice for you!

Just a heads-up, it will probably be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Co-edited by: Shawn Guek



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