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3 Reasons Why Corporate Fitness Programs Are Effective For Your Company

Feeling like your employees' health has been deteriorating lately? Want to help improve the overall morale of your company but unsure of the necessary steps to take? Fret no further, as a corporate wellness program for your employees is what you should be looking for! A consistent program throughout the year that will be aimed to improve their health and wellness, increase motivation levels and ultimately productivity as well.

Reason 1: Improvement in Health Behaviours

Health Behaviours are actions taken by individuals that take an effect on their health, be it positively or negatively. They are mainly categorised into 3 types: Sleep, Physical Activity and Diet.

Through specially curated corporate wellness programs which are targeted to help your employees, they will undeniably know better the importance of such Health Behaviours. For instance, they will be taught that fitness is a lifestyle, where it is essential to incorporate diet and physical activity together. It is definitely not something that can be achieved overnight. As such, they will be able to apply such knowledge into their daily lives by starting off small and taking mini steps to achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. In the long run, this will clearly help to prevent common illness such as Diabetes, Hypertension and High Cholesterol, which are one of the five common illnesses in Singapore.

Reason 2: Increase in Employee Morale

Every company would desire for their employees to have high morale levels to improve the overall productivity level of the company.

By investing in a corporate wellness program, it will allow your employees to detach themselves from work temporarily, helping them to relieve any sorts of stress and rejuvenate. By taking a break, it will enable your employees to push through even harder at work, which may eventually lead to a breakthrough.

Through such programs, it will also allow your employees to be more bonded together as well. Who would not want their staff to be close together? As the saying goes, "Tough times don't last, tough people do", by participating in a Fitness Class together as a whole company, everyone will be going through the tough times together and will motivate one another to finish off the workout strong. Having a well gelled team will certainly help to increase the morale of each individual and impact the whole company positively too. In the long run, your employees will feel more appreciated and valued, improving the company's culture and retention rate.

Reason 3: Improve in Overall Productivity

According to a Britain study, 60% of the 200 participants mentioned that their time management, mental skills and ability to meet deadlines have improved on the days that they exercised.

As a result of an increase in employee morale, productivity levels will definitely increase alongside it. Additionally, your team will feel more energetic and be in better health, reducing the frequency of absenteeism.

With frequent Corporate Wellness sessions that help target motivation levels and team bonding, employees will absolutely feel more encouraged to complete their given tasks. Ultimately, you will be able to witness better improvements in your company's numbers! It's certainly a win-win situation for both your employees and your company!

This article is co-written by Kym Koh.

Can't wait to kickstart your corporate wellness program for your company to enable your company to reach greater heights? Look no further! Here at FITLUC, we are able to customise a program according to the needs and demographics of your employees, so you don't have to worry about the session being too difficult for them!

We have conducted sessions for various companies which include Maersk, Jetstar, Basic Models, Sparrows and more! You can view more here (insert Corporate Wellness landing page on our website). Should you have any enquiry about our tailored Corporate Wellness Program, do drop us an email at, and we will be more than happy to help!

Just a heads-up, it will probably be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.



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