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10 Efficient Hotel Room Exercises

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Whenever you are on holiday and travelling with a super packed itinerary, it is so difficult to keep up with maintaining our fitness levels. Here's a workout to hit our major muscle groups and maintain their definition. Resistance band do wonders when a gym is not available. You might want to consider investing in a good one! =) 1. Wide Arm Push Ups

The key is to target your chest(pectoral muscles). Feel the stretch on the downward phase while maintaining the tension. During the upward phase, remember to squeeze your chest for maximal activation. 2. Chair Tricep Dips Find a chair and position your arms shoulder width apart. Take note to not relax at the bottom of each rep. This will put a lot of strain on your elbows 3. Single Arm Rows This targets your back muscles, specifically the rhomboids. Maintain that muscle to mind connection during each rep. 4. Standing Bicep Curls This exercise is pretty straightforward but be sure not to use too much momentum to swing the band up. This will strain your back.

5. Standing Shoulder Presses Work your shoulders! This helps to develop your overall shoulder and is an essential pushing movement. Take note to always keep your back straight. Tilt your butt backwards while driving to provide a good base of support for your spine.

6. R Band Squats Stand shoulder width apart. The resistance band adds more tension throughout the rep. Squats utilises the whole body and is good for fat burning. 7. R Band Lateral Raises This exercise works the lateral head of your deltoids and gives your shoulder that roundness and makes it more complete. A strong deltoid will reduce occurance of rotator cuff injuries. 8. Split Squats

An explosive variation of lunges. Keep your knees bent at 90deg at all times. Do not arch your back. Drive up through your heels on each jump.

9. V Ups One of my favourite core exercise which targets your upper, middle and lower abs. Take note not to relax at the bottom of each rep. Your fingers should meet your toe/shin at the centre and both movement should be synchronize and covered the same distance.

10. Bicycle Crunches The twisting movement of this core exercise targets your obliques on top of your core. By adding an extra range of movement, your core will be triggered better and hence have a more complete development.


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