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Want to understand Functional Fitness better?

Always wanted to enjoy a healthy travelling snack?

Always aspire to lead a healthier lifestyle but unsure how to start?

 You can also 


 this time,

with The Clean Addicts.

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FITLUC X The Clean Addict: An afternoon of Healthy Travel Snack and Functional Fitness Workshop

Are you ready to get your body moving and your taste buds tingling? 

It's time to shake things up with our Functional Training and Wellness Workshop! You will learn how to move better in your daily life and get healthy in the most sustainable way possible! 

Whether you're a gym bunny or a newbie to functional movement, this workshop is for you. 

Wholefoods Chef Andrea from The Clean Addicts Bakery will be showing you how to fuel your body even while travelling by making Oolong Goji Energy Bites that are nutritious, low in sugar and travel-friendly! She will also share her own personal tips and tricks on how to eat out in a balanced manner while travelling.

Nutrient-dense plant-based, low sugar treats are also provided by The Clean Addicts (think vegan protein ball, fudge cake and mini mochi muffin)!

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After which, Brandon Choo, a celebrity fitness trainer from FITLUC will guide you through a range of functional movements/exercises that can help with your everyday lives. He will also be sharing tips on how to relieve pains in our body.

"Aesthetics do not last forever, but functionality does.

If you're ready to prioritise your health and make a lasting change beyond aesthetics, join us for our Workshop! Your body and mind will thank you.

Join us on the 29th April 2023, Saturday from 4-630pm at FITLUC's upcoming 2nd outlet at 82 Boat Quay! 


2.5-hour Program Outline:

  • Introduction

  • The Functionality and Pain-Free Lifestyle Workshop by FITLUC: 

    • Coach Brandon will guide you through a range of functional movements/exercises that can help with your everyday lives & relieve pains in your body

  • Healthy Plantbased Snack Workshop by Chef Andrea Lee, Founder of The Clean Addicts Wholefoods Bakery

    • Learn how to make Oolong Goji Bliss Balls with ingredients from your pantry!​

  • Healthy Travel tips by Andrea who is a certified Nutrition Coach 
  • Q&A



Each attendee will also receive a Nutrient-dense plant-based, low sugar healthy sampler snack box by The Clean Addicts worth $25! (Think Clean & Delicious protein ball, Wholefoods Fudge Cake and Mochi Muffin!) 

Sign up today to enjoy Early Bird discounted rates or even better, grab a buddy and sign up as a pair to enjoy more discounts! 

Early Bird Pricing (from 5th April 2023 - 23rd April 2023) 

1 pax - $60 

2 pax - $110 

Standard Pricing (from 24th April 2023 - 27th April 2023) 

1 pax - $70 

2 pax - $130 

About Clean Addicts Bakery: 

"I started this bakery in 2016 after my Mum went through heart disease and had to be sent to the hospital for surgery. Seeing her fragile state, this incident caused me to switch to a healthier lifestyle overnight.

It was tough trying to find cakes for my Mum without butter, eggs and refined sugars. So I decided to make my own healthier versions of our favourite desserts and share it with more people like you! Everything is vegan, refined sugar free and contains no artificial colours or preservatives! And I hope hope you'll enjoy it as much as my family does!"

- Andrea, Founder of The Clean Addicts

Do register for a Mindbody Account before purchasing your tickets! 
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