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Come and join us for a fun and exciting day of HIIT workout, coupled with an informative talk afterwards! 

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Always hitting the gym but never seem to be able to

achieve your goals?

Always envy how others look fit and toned?

Always aspire to lead a healthier lifestyle but unsure how to start?

 You can also 


 this time, with lyf.

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FITLUC X lyf Fitness Fiesta

As part of lyf's Fitness Fiesta that's happening on 25th March at lyf one-north, FITLUC has been invited to conduct a 60-minutes HIIT class during their event from 10:15am to 11:15am! Expect a combination of cardio and bodyweight exercises to push yourself to your limits! 

Do also stay tuned to listen to an informative talk (Leading a Functional & Pain-Free Lifestyle) conducted by our trainers from 1pm to 1:30pm! 


Sign up today for this FREE event! 


*Participants are required to register beforehand and provide us with their basic exercise and injury history if any. Walk-ins are only allowed if there are any slots available. Do sign-up early to prevent any disappointment! 

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Give Our Community Class A Go &

Experience The Full Package

Community workouts are designed to be interactive, engaging and stress relieving.

Break into a sweat, lose some tension and re-energize your body!

Grab your colleagues, friends or family and join in the fun!

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