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Safety Measures

Due to enhanced COVID-19 restrictions announced by the government, FITLUC has implemented Vaccinated-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) starting 10th Aug 2021 in accordance to government safety measures.

Implementing Vaccination-Differentiated SMMs (VDS) at FITLUC

  • Vaccination status will be checked and recorded electronically and identified via stickers

  • Clients/ Visitors who do not have their vaccination status verified will be denied entry.

  • Fully Vaccinated clients (2 weeks after 2nd dose of vaccination) will be allowed to do Indoor PT using FITLUC's indoor gym equipment. 

  • Non Vaccinated clients will do Outdoor PT using FITLUC's outdoor gym equipments on our Outdoor Rooftop Terrace Training Ground

Personal Training will be kept at a high quality in a safe and cosy environment. Our trainers are dedicated to keep training fun and effective. Fitness as a lifestyle!

*Updated as of 6 Jan 2022

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