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FITLUC Corporate Classes

Bespoke Fitness Experiences for your organisation

Corporate Fitness Services

In today's corporate world, prioritizing employee exercise isn't just beneficial—it's ESSENTIAL!

There are many benefits that corporates can enjoy when taking part in exercise such as:

Reduce workplace injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injuries and Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

Reduce occupational stress and burnout at the workplace

Overall improving quality of life, increasing productivity and reducing sick leaves

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Our Team of dedicated and certified trainers are eager to help you meet your fitness goals.

We understand that there is no one-size-fit-all programme. We will curate and customize an effective workout programme according to your needs that is both manageable and fun

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Fitness Experiences 

FITLUC Downtown Race

A hybrid of our group classes with a twist! Individuals will be grouped into teams based on their exercise history and current fitness level to compete in this race together. Everyone has a part to play.


A test of intellect and fitness, participants will complete a set of tasks both at FITLUC and around our neighbourhood. A great way to build relationships and foster camaraderie and teamwork! This is definitely a great way.. teamwork!

FITLUC Boat Quay ​Youth Group Class

Just one month after our 2nd outlet at Boat Quay opened, we had the chance to organise a Group Class for youths! 

Our trainers went through basic Resistance exercises, Cardio based movements and ended off with a special challenge! 

Lights, Camera, Fitness Event 

In Aug 2022, we had the opportunity to host a number of our local celebrities, such as Allan Wu, Hong Hui Fang, Tay Ying, Denise Camillia and more, at our first ever exclusive Lights, Camera, Fitness Event! 

Other than playing simple bonding games to break the ice, our local celebrities also put their physical capabilities to the test during the station games that were placed on all 3 levels of our Flagship Gym!

FITLUC x Nutrition Kitchen

In collaboration with Nutrition Kitchen, we held our first community class consisting of a workout pod system with nutritious meals prepared! 

The participants really pushed themselves to their limits to enjoy a delicious workout meal after! 

FITLUC Gym Group Classes

Spanning across 3 levels, we utilise the diversity of our shophouse concept to curate programmes with a variety of stations set up at each floor.

Exercises are tailored to suit the needs and skills for different demographics of people. From compound movements to creative circuits, it will be a fun and engaging experience!

Corporate Classes 


Past Corporate Classes




Workshops & Talks

FITLUC x Sparrow

We had the opportunity to host Sparrow for a corporate class for their employees at our flagship gym! 

From strength-based exercises to circuit exercises, the Sparrow team enjoyed themselves as they bonded across the various departments! 

Online Corporate Fitness Classes

Looking at engaging your employees during this work from home period and helping them stay fit and active? 

Check out our Online Fitness Classes conducted via ZOOM, fully customisable to all fitness levels. 

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Prudential online clas

Outdoor Corporate Fitness Bootcamps

Take a nice break from your office and clock in a good workout with us!

Organise a fun team bonding event for your company while enjoying the fresh air outdoors!

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Indoor Corporate Fitness Bootcamps 

Want to organise a challenging yet fun team bonding bootcamp?

Our Corporate Bootcamps will get your adrenaline pumping! Suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. 

Corporate Partnerships

M.E.S Programme

Wonder how fitness and street dance complement each other?

Join us in the M.E.S. (Mobility, Endurance & Strength) 2022 Programme which offers different levels of difficulty to cater to dancers at an introductory to a professional level to build your physique for dance! 

FITLUC x Thomson Surgical

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Thomson Surgical Centre! Let Lucas, our director, and Dr Tan, an Orthopaedic Specialist bring you through the process from getting a medical diagnosis and assessment, to crafting and executing a tailored fitness programme specifically towards strengthening your body, preventing further injuries and working towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Corporate SailFit Bootcamp

Set sail on a beautiful yacht and leisurely cruise around the waters of Singapore. Embark on an adventure on Lazarus Island as our trainers take your through an exciting and memorable bootcamp! Our SailFit Bootcamp promises to be an adventure of a lifetime!

Fitness Service Provider for your Customers

Looking for Fitness Trainers to help plan and conduct fitness classes for your customers? FITLUC is also experienced in this field and we are open to any organisations or companies looking for this service.

FITLUC Corporate Client - Dream Cruises
FITLUC Corporate Client - Maersk
FITLUC Corporate Client - Jetstar
FITLUC Corporate Partner - Ximula Sail
FITLUC Corporate Client - FoodXervices
FITLUC Corporate Partner - Artistate

Our Corporate Clients & Partners

FITLUC Corporate Partner - Basic Models
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